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Cavalier Mobile Homes specializes in great homes and customer care.

In the business of sheltering families, Cavalier Homes offers a wide range of homes with unique floor plans, features and opportunities for home buyers. Cavalier Homes knows that shelter is one of the most important human needs, and feels that the need should be met at a reasonable price. Sold through a large network of agents, they provide ways for more families to own homes, and have been working hard to accomplish their goals since 1984.

Since then, Cavalier Homes has expanded all across America, allowing more and more people around the country the opportunity to own a home. Today, with financial and insurance services built into the company, Cavalier Homes focuses on making the home buying process one that is comfortable and as complete as possible.

Cavalier Homes understands that a home is important and also understands that there is financial need involved. To help make the dream of home ownership more of a reality, they have partnered with CIS Financial Services in order to give prospective buyers the very best chances.

Homes by Cavalier can be found in 18 states, and give you the option to choose houses with up to five bedrooms and various other amenities. They immediately connect you to a series of dealers so you can find the best opportunity for your family.

Standing by their commitment to sell homes in order to shelter families, Cavalier's warranty covers not just the home, but any workmanship defects. This includes any electrical or plumbing defects. Floor and wall coverings, cabinets, sinks, tubs, showers, faucets, and doors are also covered under the warranty. Cavalier Homes is a company that allows you the best home buying experience, and backs that with the very best in customer care and service.

Did You Know:

Mobile houses are rated for wind zones based on weather conditions within specific areas. Wind Zone 3 homes are rated for hurricane susceptible areas, Zone 2 are for coastal regions and Zone 1 for most of the rest of the country. You can find information about the Wind Zone rating of your mobile home on the data plate usually located close to the main electrical panel inside the home.

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